Universe Light™ Levitating Moon Lamp
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Universe Light™ Levitating Moon Lamp

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Calm your mind.

Suspended in the air with almost no friction, its gentle rotating effect will keep you mesmerised in peaceful state of mind for hours.

Beauty lies in the details.

Made using ultra-realistic NASA satellite 3D scan of the moon, it has quality details of the craters. All that, floating on top of a beautiful dark wooden base.

Maximum Wow Factor.

Combining art, technology & minimalistic design, this lamp makes the ultimate conversation piece and the perfect lamp for any home or office.

The #1 Novelty Gift

A whopping 90% of gift recipients thought this was the coolest thing they've ever received, according to our satisfaction survey.

Why buy The Levitating Moon Lamp?

Calming effect,
reduce anxiety


Eco-friendly material

Real NASA 3D scan
of the moon

Magnetic Levitation

Low power consumption


The Magic Behinds the Scene

The base creates a strong magnetic field that light up and keep the moon suspended up in air

The light is powered through air. No cords or wires holding down!

The floating moon has no friction nor gravity, so it will spins forever - just like a real planet!