Top 7 Best Holiday Gifts For Your Little One

You may be the grandparent / parent who allows your little one to feel, shake and guess what’s inside the gift box, or you may be the one who dismisses all guesses… Whatever side on the spectrum you’re on, us parents and grandparents are always in search of the best presents, the presents which are designed to put an enormous smile on your child’s face.

The searching process can be difficult for many, but we’ve made the process much easier… Bringing you lighting solutions which kids are absolutely loving - They truly have the power to turn a sad face, into an expression demonstrating all sorts of joy and happiness.

Are you stuck looking for a present? Look no further… The parents dream list is just below!

1. Original Moon Lamp

You’d be lying, if you said that your little one has never talked about visiting the moon. It can be vastly difficult travelling into outer-space and visiting the moon, but we’ve brought a similar feeling… To your little one's room.

Our Moon Lamp is so spectacular and unique, as it utilised NASA’s genuine satellite images to create a strikingly realistic design - Our Moon Lamp is the flawless Holiday Gift for your little one, as it injects something enchanted into their room;

Brightening up the atmosphere, and allows them to bring the beauty of the moon to their room. We started off strong, but there’s plenty more options for you.


2. Levitating Moon Lamp

Very similarly to our Original Moon Lamp, this piece of lighting still adds something magical, enchanted and vigorous to your little one's room, and this is why kids are absolutely loving it! - This one, however, uses intelligent levitating technology which creates a unique floating appearance… quite like the real thing levitating in our atmosphere.

Your child will be astounded, you will be astounded, and your guests will be amazed with the magic which you’re all seeing. Add something enchanted to your little one’s room, and let them witness the sheer beauty of outer-space from the comfort of their bedroom.


3. Galaxy Lamp

Our Galaxy Lamp is an irresistible Holiday Gift, due to the possibilities which it grants to your little ones - They’ve all had dreams of exploring the unsolved discoveries of outer-space, and we have allowed them to solve these discoveries, while also adding something charming to their room.

Our Galaxy Lamp emits a vigorous and beautiful colour, ultimately turning your little ones room into a personal planetarium. It’s a ravishing Holiday Gift, and something truly spectacular. Yes - it will put a gigantic smile on your little one's face.


4. Maker's Galaxy Projector™ V3 | WIFI Enabled

Why is our Galaxy Projector the best Holiday Gift for your little one? It transforms something dull, mundane and lacking joy (white and plain walls), to something spectacular and other-wordly (an immersive galactic adventure) - Our Galaxy Projector is powered by your smartphone, and allows you to create endless amounts of possibilities for your little one. The mystical projector doesn't only enhance the decor, but it is also used by many parents to relax and comfort their children; can be great for keeping your little one well-relaxed and help them with sleep.


5. Maker's Earth Lamp™

There are many picturesque and breathtaking planets in our galaxy, and the planet which we’re living on is one of them. The Maker’s Earth Lamp is an irresistible Holiday Gift this festive season, as it allows your little one to see their favourite continents, witness the beauty which our Earth has to offer… all while creating a soothing and relaxed atmosphere - Brighten up your little one’s bedroom this holiday, and let them create memorable moments which they will cherish for years to come. An appealing option which had to be added in this list!

6. Maker's Dragon Lamps

Very similarly to a dragon firing up mythical spots, your little one can now fire up and enhance the feel of their bedroom… This is why our Dragon Lamps is a part of this list. The dragon glides effortlessly through your child’s bedroom, whilst releasing it’s fire (this is where the light comes from). A flawless Holiday Gift, which transforms something mundane to something mystical and memorable.

7. Maker's Hexagonal Touch Light™

We’ve saved the best for the last - The 7th and final product of our list, but it’s a product which challenges the status-quo. If you’re looking for a way to enhance the feel of your little one's room (the new way) ; This is the Holiday Gift which you parents and grandparents have been dreaming of. Let your little ones personalise their hexagons, inject a sense of elegance in their bedroom, and of course let them experience a feel like never before.